Flint Knapping: Articles, Tips and Tutorials from the Internet, 3rd edition (342 pages, 22.5MB)

The above book has also been divided into separate volumes for easier downloading (see below)

Flint Knapping: Basic Concepts (53 pages, 1.1MB)

Flint Knapping: Tools (52 pages, 3.3MB)

Flint Knapping: Percussion (50 pages, 5.2MB)

Flint Knapping: Pressure Flaking (65 pages, 6MB)

Flint Knapping: Fluting & Notching (55 pages, 5.3MB)

Flint Knapping: Finding & Treating Knappable Stone  (31 pages, <1MB)

Flint Knapping: Displaying & Making Things with  Your Points (21 pages, 2MB)

Flint Knapping Info 
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