Point Type Info for Flint Knappers 
(in 3 files)
Points A - E
(139 pages, 12.5 MB)
Points F - M
(126 pages, 12.3 MB)
Points N - Z 
(150 pages, 11.5 MB)

[Note:  The blank pages in this e-book are intentional. They are placed so that if you print the three files on both sides of the page and the bind all the pages into a paper book, the points with two pages of pictures will start on the left hand side. This allows you to see all the pictures of those point types together with no need to flip the page back and forth.]

Texas Point Types (143 pages, 20.7 MB)
This is a subset of the larger book above that includes only point types found in Texas.

Flint Knapping: Making Specific Point Types (99 pages, 4.5 MB)

Flint Knapping Info 
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